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Finally, a little bit of show and tell.

Featured Projects

ProgrammerDigiPen Student Solo Project  |  2012 - 2013          

This project is my first HTML5/JavaScript project. It is a simple recreation of Man vs the World PC that is playable in browser (Currently supported by Chome and FireFox only).

Programmer, Artist, Animator  DigiPen Student Team Project  |  2011 - 2012          

Man vs the World is an "over the top" 80's/90's action movie themed, side scrolling, bullet-hell shooter in which the player must leap from his plane to hijack enemy ships in order to make their way through the level.

Programmer, Artist, Animator  DigiPen Student Team Project  |  2010 - 2011          

A Flipping Good Time is a fast-paced free-flowing 2D platformer that uses a gravity flipping mechaninc that enables the player to progress through each level. On this project, I also contributed as both a programmer and as an artist. My main programming responsibility was to our collision detection / physics system, but I also implemented in-game font drawing, and shared work in "trim" system that hides all of the straight edges of tile based enviroment. On the art side, I managed our art pipeline, created art assets and all of the animations. A Flipping Good Time was a 2011 Pax10 winner.

Previous Projects

The Road to Pax10  DigiPen Student Team Project  |  2011    

Being part of the 2011 Pax10 was a great experience, but there was a lot of preparation needed for it. I constructed and custom painted an arcade cabinet and helped with a character cutout prop.

Super Action Driving Game  DigiPen Student Team Project  |  2010    

This is the first team project I worked on at DigiPen, from my Freshman year. It was a great experience for me as it was my introduction to game development.

Wheelin' Big  DigiPen Student Solo Project  |  2009    

This was my first individual game project from DigiPen; it was developed on their "ProjectFun" program. I had a lot of fun with the physics in this game as it is a side scrolling 4x4 truck game.

Networked Asteroids  DigiPen Networking Assignment  |  2011    

This was a networking assignment in which I had to implement networking into an existing game engine. This project sparked a great interest in networking programming for me.

File Sharing  DigiPen Networking Assignment  |  2011    

In this project, I implemented both client-server TCP connections and client-client UDP file transfer. I had a lot of fun working on this project.

Custom Memory Manager  DigiPen Programming Assignment  |  2010    

In this assignment I had to implement a custom memory manager. This was quite an experience for me and I learned more from this project than any other individual assignment.