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The professional stuff

I am now in my Senior year at DigiPen Institute of Technology and am enrolled in their Real-Time Interactive Simulation program and am also pursuing a Math minor. This means I have survived the gruelling pace and intense workloads that the college is known for and am now able to enjoy some of the smaller and more focused areas of this study. I have come to really enjoy courses in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Networking, A.I, and especially our year long Game Development project classes. Now, I am looking for a full-time programming position in either A.I. or Networking, I am interested in other programming roles as well, but those two areas would be my first choices.

In my last two team game projects I have primarily worked on our collision systems. A full physics engine was not needed, and due our limited time (2 semesters) my team and I felt we could make better use of our time by skipping the physics engine and just using a basic collision system. I really enjoyed this area and worked on a very useful "Sweep and Prune" algorithm, precise arbitrary polygon collision, a collision boundary editor, and collision resolution. The collision system from my last project is something I am very proud of. The algorithms for the "Sweep and Prune" method, adding/registering objects with the collision system, and removing objects became very complex with the ways we needed them to work. After a little fine tuning of each method after the initial write, we never had any issues with them and nor did we come up with a better method throughout the rest of our development.

I have also worked on some networking (TCP and UDP), A.I., and data basing projects. Each have been very interesting to me and will be the focus of small projects that I continue to work on. Currently I am working on an Artificial Intelligence research project. The focus of the project is Non Player Character (NPC) and Player cooperation and adaption in tactical squad simulations. My goal is to have a dynamic planning system that enables intelligent behavior and decision making from the NPCs belonging to a squad including the player. Their behivior should heavily rely on what the player is currently doing as well as other dynamic in-game events. The project will be a year long project due to the amount of research and testing that must be done. On the side from that, I am also working on small projects in HTML5, Actionscript3.0, C#, and will begin an Android mobile project as well as another small Unity3 project that I hope to port to both Android and iOS. This should make for one intense, but fun year.

Please take a look at my projects page to see more about what I'm currently doing and what I've worked on previously. I take a lot of pride in my projects, so if you feel compelled, please send me some feedback through my contact page.

Thank you, and if you feel like reading more, well... there's more.

This should let you dive into a little bit more of what makes me, well... me.

I grew up in a small country setting in Eastern Washington (state) just outside the city of Yakima where I was exposed to many forms of work that helped me develop a great work ethic, a well rounded skill set, and a desire to explore outside of my normal element to obtain new and great experiences. I have experienced many forms of employment that range from manual labor, residential and commercial construction, steel fabrication, agricultural work, cooking, as well as art and tattooing; plus several others. I believe each job has given me a unique skill set and from that I have become a very well rounded and hard working individual, capable of taking on leadership responsibilities and also supportive team member roles. I can quickly and comfortably adapt to different work environments while maintaining a positive attitude and meeting requred deadlines. Each job title that I have held has always presented a new set of challenges that I have enjoyed meeting and working through in order to be productive for that employer as well as to meet my own personal goals for that position.

The desire to explore lead me to DigiPen where I have been met with one of the greatest challenges, but also one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have always been interested in different types of engineering, architecture, and physics. Growing up I loved to look at new things, whatever they may be and try to figure out how they worked. This was met with a deep artistic background that also provides me with a great attention to detail, and with an interest in video games and software/ technology development. From here the combination sparked a fire inside of me and I enrolled in DigiPen's RTIS program, where all of these passions are met. And, they are met head on with a level of challenge that keeps me coming back just as any game or sport I have ever participated in has done.

In my free time, which does happen occasionally, I enjoy many outdoor hobbies, as well as some indoor. I have always been a physically active and competitive person, and I believe this is also part of what drives me to become the best that I can be at whatever it is I am doing. This definitely includes my goals of entering of the game development industry and graduating DigiPen in the spring of 2013. Well, hopefully this has given you an idea of who I am, what I'm about, and where I am hoping to end up.


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