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Currently, I am in my Senior year at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA where I am pursuing my BS in C.S. in Real-Time Interactive Simulation program. I have enjoyed my development experiences so far and am now eager to branch out and begin my networking process that I believe will aid me post graduation.

MAN VS THE WORLD  -  HTML5 2012 - 2013

An HTML5/JavaScript project recreating the original PC
version of the game.

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MAN VS THE WORLD  -  PC 2011 - 2012

Man vs the World is an over the top 80's/90's action themed,
side scrolling, explosive, bullet hell, shooter.

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and NPC Cooperation    2012 - 2013

An A.I. research project focusing on dynamic behavior.

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A FLIPPING GOOD TIME   2010 - 2011

A Flipping Good Time is a fast paced 2D platformer using a
gravity mechanic to venture through underground caves.

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2011 Pax10   2011

Being selected as part of the 2011 Pax10 was a great
experience. It was a great reward for a lot of hard work.

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I have had the opportunity to be apart of to two award winning games, "A Flipping Good Time" and "Man vs the World" (PC), as well as work on numerous individual projects that have provided me some great experiences while at DigiPen..

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